Snacks That Give Back
Are your vending machines generating in-kind or donations for your favorite nonprofit or other grantee type? VendKind specializes in the unique needs associated with vending for Head Start, Early Head Start, and other not for profit organizations required to produce non-federal share (in-kind).
VendKind believes in paying it forward!
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And it's free! VendKind will in-kind the cost of the machine placement to your selected non-profit (including monthly rental, mileage, installation and more) + a % of sales.
How do you get started? Simply complete the Vending Machine Request Form to request placement of a VendKind vending machine today. Then, select the nonprofit or cause that aligns with your (or your organization's) values or giving goals. If selected for placement, your company or organization will immediately begin generating in-kind for your selected non-profit organization. VendKind also offers a referral award program.
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About Our Machine

Our Machines Have The Latest Features & Products

Cash & Credit
All VendKind machines accept cash and include credit card readers. Using Credit & Debit Cards including Visa® Credit/Debit, MasterCard® Credit, Discover® Card, or American Express® is a breeze.
Contactless Cards
VendKind credit card readers also support Mobile Payments via a built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) device for SoftCard Mobile Wallet® and Apple Pay® along with the major card brand contactless cards.
VendKind stocks a variety of options including top selling brands and healthy choices. At your request, VendKind will survey your staff and stock products that align with their needs and preferences. That way, your non-profit and staff benefit to the fullest extent from the products offered in the machine placed at your business.
Product Costs
VendKind was founded on "paying it forward" principles. We also believe in running a lean business model. This means the products we stock are competitively priced - often times lower than industry average. We also include "surprises" randomly distributed among the selections such as cash or other incentives.